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Our founders have decades of autonomous driving research and development in their portfolio. From the humble beginnings as college projects decades ago, today our company validates its technology and expertise in handling the most challenging tasks and environments presented to autonomous vehicles, including most recently the DARPA SubT Challenge. Leveraging these experiences we were able to develop a suite of products that can be integrated with most mobile platforms in order to turn them into self-driving vehicles. 




We approach each customer individually helping them to create a new mobile platform or to modify their vehicles to be autonomous driving ready every step of the way. Whether we are developing a turnkey custom solution against a unique requirement or working with our customers on creating a new self-driving platform for their existing product line, leveraging our mature and proven suite of components and modules allows us to deliver efficiently and reliably. 




We have developed Robotika International Generalized Intelligent Driving System (RIGIDS), a modular software platform which can be integrated together with a selection of supported hardware components in a specific manner needed to meet each customer's requirements. The resulting product then consists of highly modular and fully redundant architecture which guarantees efficient conversion process while providing the highest level of reliability of the resulting vehicle.



Robotika International Introduction

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