The centerpiece of our product line is Robotika International Generalized Intelligent Driving System (RIGIDS), a modular autonomous driving system that allows our company to convert most mobile platforms into self-driving ones. RIGIDS shares its underpinnings with OSGAR, our open-source community platform used for research, education and technology exploration. Once commercially applicable new ideas are validated within OSGAR, they are subsequently introduced into RIGIDS assuring that only mature technology and code is included in our commercial product offering while allowing RIGIDS to benefit from contributions and feedback from the wider robotics community.

RIGIDS integrates with a wide variety of sensors such as LIDARs, cameras or inertial measurement units (IMU) and the number and type of sensors employed can also vary project to project based on its specific requirements. Therefore, for each individual customer we are able to design a system with the right balance of performance vs. cost.